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In 2018, the company Pascal Tags, L.L.C. was formed to combat inventory problems through the losses and efficiencies caused by the current solutions of inventory tags. The current solutions, of RFID and Barcode, prevent companies from the data and efficiency needed with the ever growing supply chain. 

In fact, this problem is because the same solutions have been used since the 1950s when Barcode and RFID were originally conceived. The problem from lack of data and inefficiencies costs companies over $800 Billion problem each year in manufacturing, logistics, and retail.  

Pascal Tags has created a new alternative to combine what works in the current solutions and removing the complexities and costs that hinder the current solutions. This novel technology called CLID (Chip-less IDentification) uses a chip-less inventory tag to tell companies truly what is in their inventory and eventually where it is located. 


Pascal Tags, L.L.C. is a proud recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation

SBIR Phase l grant.



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Battery and Chip Free
Direct prints onto product
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Easy integration with any company or warehouse


Our CLID technology revolutionizes how the supply chain interacts with products with a tag that prints on products for universal serial number. This serial number achieves a VIN, on every car, data ability to build a data set of experiences every product experiences no matter the price or luxuriousness of a product. The serial number gives unprecedented data and efficiency giving the ability to share data of every product no matter the price throughout the supply chain for the first time. 

This technology can be applied to every supply chain channel creating better products faster through increased data and efficiency. The premier names in the supply chain have partnered with our Company to push the limits of products we interact with on a daily basis. 

Our team is decided and experienced in engineering, innovation, business, and the supply chain to ensure this technology will impact every product of our lives. The supply chain has been left to use core technologies since the 1950s. Our technology finally brings the supply chain in the 21st century and beyond. 


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